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Customers Suck!
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This is a community for you to bitch about crappy customers.

Feel free to bitch your little emo heart out about customers who suck. this includes them treating you like yesterday's garbage, treating other employees/customers like a shit stain, or just being a complete moron in general.

***Due to the recent influx of snark, drama and spammers, this community is now indefinitely under moderated membership***

***Note: For 24 hours after a post is featured in a snark community, we will accept no new members. We apologize for the inconvenience.***

- Due to moderated membership, you must be approved to be a member here. This means you must apply. If you apply and are rejected, please do not immediately file another request. It will be rejected also.

Just so we're clear:

If you apply and are rejected, please do not immediately file another request. It will be rejected also.

Your rejection was not a mistake, it happened for a reason. We will not change our minds in a half hour. There is not a "set agenda" for us to approve memberships. This being said, if you have no journal entries, no friends, have been seen being disruptive in other communities, try to join right after something was featured in a snark community you belong to and/or belong to ONLY snark communities, odds are good you are not getting in. If you are rejected, apply again in a few months, and we may reconsider you.

- Remember that this is a community to vent about our unfulfilling jobs. Not everyone agrees on what constitutes a suck, but this is not an invitation to pounce on every last post in the community.

- Name calling of any sort is not tolerated at all. If it happens, it will be assessed on a case by case basis possibly resulting in a ban.

- Got a good pwnage story? Join up with sister community surly_clerk for all your pwnage needs!

- Please refrain from using any type of langauge or phrasing that may be derogatory to certain groups of people. This includes: race, ethnic background, physical appearance, religion, gender, sexual preference, and handicaps. We are a very diverse community and just want to make sure that no one gets offended or feels uncomfortable.

- I really don't care to see comments outright telling someone that they have terrible customer service skills and it being left at that. Instead, try to come up with an alternative method of handling the situation so that the OP can be better prepared/educated in the future.

- Feel free to shamelessly "whore out" your community here, as long as it is relevant to the work environment.

- Do not join this community just to snark. If you do, we will be on to you and we will ban you. Keep it in your snark communities where it belongs.

- I do not delete posts unless absolutely necessary; ie troll posts that lack comedic value and creativity, posts that inadvertantly incite a lot of wank, or ones that are all emo about how everyone in this community is mean and sucks. If you feel the need to delete your own post, you are more than welcome to do so.

- Excessively long texts should be put under a cut. If you do not know how to do so, click here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75&view=full Entries not placed under a cut when requested will be deleted.

- Got a good news story, video or comic? Bring it on! It tends to add some variety to the community, and we are all for it.

- No snarking on spelling/grammatical errors. It is just petty and tacky. Politely educating is one thing, but we know the difference between that and being downright nasty.

- Please use the default font and standard black only. Other fonts/colours can look ghastly on other people's friend lists. If you use something other than standard font and are asked to change it, please do so in a timely fashion, or your post will be deleted.

- Please do not delete comments. If you are having an issue with another member, or if things are getting out of hand, please contact one of the mods and we will handle the situation accordingly.

- NO BACKSEAT MODDING!!! This community has three mods staggered around the clock who periodically check in and make sure things are up to snuff. We decide what is appropriate to be featured in this community and what isn't. Again, if there is a problem with another member, bring it to one of our attention.

- DO NOT TROLL PERSONAL JOURNALS. If you have an issue with someone, please bring it to the attention of a mod. Do not bring the drama into someone's personal journal. This is harassment, and is against the TOS. YOU WILL BE BANNED.

- Being friends with a mod DOES NOT don you with a magic cloak that makes you impervious to the rules. If your infraction is serious enough, you will be banned regardless of whose friend list you are on.

- The mods will ban without warning at their discretion. If you have a question as to why you have been banned or feel that you have been banned unfairly, please send a private message to slurmqueen.

Now go ahead and entertain/be entertained with our stories!