2angry2live (2angry2live) wrote in customerssuck,

After Black Friday comes Wack Saturday...

So, Saturday night, this happened: Customer comes in with wife and baby at 2 minutes til close. " I want to buy a rug. I've been spending a LOT of money today, so I'm gonna need you to give me deep discounts, because, you know, I'm here. Now I'm going to want a $225 rug for $99 because I don't like any of the $99 rugs, they look cheap. Now I'm going to go to another section to shop and I expect you to stick with me. Because I spent a lot of money somewhere else today. And I need a discount. So, anyway...Wait. What? Honey where'd she go? She ran out the back when I looked away? It's only 10 after 9! And we didn't get our discount!" True story. Paraphrased, but true.
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