Honorable Mikado of Nekosong (mikadosok) wrote in customerssuck,
Honorable Mikado of Nekosong

Just a few explanations, and some WTF's

Dearest customers,
Yes, we now have 'local vet' to do our vetting and help get our animals ready for adoption. Quite a few of those kittens ARE ready because we FINALLY got their rabies shots. There are some changes.
'Local vet' prefers to do the spay/neuter at three months, not two months. This way, they get fixed AND the rabies shot all at once. So, no more two month old kittens will be ready for adoption. Yes, I know, this is horrid, so many WANT those adorable little fluffheads. As it is, you'll just have to wait. That being said, 'local vet' may only do spay/neuter/rabies once a week, if that....doesn't mean we'll have sudden masses of animals ready. Along with the fact, we will want to make sure rescue waggin dogs are ready....so cats do take a back seat.
One great thing, you can go to 'local vet' for your new family member. They will have records on it, will KNOW it well enough, and will have an idea of anything that might be wrong. (if anything) We will also be doing a foster to adopt program where you can foster the baby you want (usually puppies) then take to 'local vet' so they can do the vetting. (we are also doing a 'we take animal to 'local vet' and you pick up from them...but that is another deal)
This all being said, yes, as a matter of fact, we are STILL full. 'Local Vet' came in to give rabies shots. (and took one kitten back to office for a problem that has just arisen) Just because I now have a lobby full of adoptable kittens and cats, doesn't mean I have any more cages. You see, in order for us to have cages available, we have to have animals adopted out. Those dogs, cats, kittens and pups who got their rabies shots, well, they are still here, occupying those cages and kennels. (and while I do have empty cages in the back, I also, by law, must have some cages available in case Animal Control brings in any cats or kittens) Frankly, as soon as those in my 'ready for fixing' room are fixed, they'll have to wait for cages up front in the lobby. (we will allow people back in that room to look at them, doesn't mean they can't be adopted from that room as well) Still for every adoption, we seem to get two more new cats or kittens.

Parents, please to be watching your children. While most of my cats and kittens don't mind having fingers poking at them, a couple of them do. I consider it a learning experience to have Charles swat at someone who has ignored his hissings and keeps poking at him. Oddly, some parents seem to get all pissed off and upset that their darling angel got scratched by mean and evil kitty. (who has signs all over his cage to NOT poke at him) (for Charles, his cage does have places where he can go hide if he gets stressed out, we haven't had any incidents since putting him in that cage)

Again...the next asswipe who screams at any of us that he/she will be 'dumping the damned animal' I'm going out to get your license place number. I'll also see about getting a description of the animal, if it hasn't been brought in. Animal Control will then get that information. If nothing else, maybe our lovely animal control lady can explain to you that dumping an animal like that is just wrong. (she IS a cop, after all...)
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