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Amelia Hunting

dmitchell1985 in customerssuck

Step One: Secure table Step Two: Lose your mind


Let’s talk about a suck that I’m rather late on typing up (few weeks old), but isn’t quite past its sell-by date, shall we?

We’ll start with how NOT to dine at a restaurant.

When going out for a meal, it’s customary to enter the building, be seated, order your food, eat said food, and get the hell out. What is not suggested is everything single thing that Crazy, Racist Lady chose to do.

She came in while we were semi-busy with a family of six. Everyone but her chose to go to the restrooms to wash their hands. I asked her twice if she was sure that she didn’t want to go to the restroom to wash up too, because her table would still be there. She insisted that she was fine, because she had wet wipes.

Everyone following thus far? Good.

So, I take her to her table (table 27) and she’s perfectly pleasant with me and the other girls that were hosting that day. Do note that I’m African American and this Caucasian woman was polite and friendly to me with no trace of condescension. (The other hosts of the day were all women of varying races of color as well.)

Cue a rather large group of several Hispanic families entering less than ten minutes after Crazy, Racist Lady assures me that she doesn’t need to stop by the restroom. This was long enough for her family to return to the table, place their drink orders, and appear to be perfectly fine.

This was also time enough for the large, Hispanic group to quietly head to our restrooms to relieve themselves and wash their hands; as I told them it would take me a few minutes to accommodate all of them in one area.

Obviously, CRL was not as 'fine' as she appeared, because in the few minutes it took me to direct the large group, walk to the back of the restaurant to pick out tables, and return to the front, this chick had lost her mind.

To help, here is a basic diagram of our restaurant. (If anyone recognizes this layout, please don't shout out where I work.)

I started to escort the father/guy who was in charge of the group back to the tables on the deck area from the shop area after I explained where they were headed. I was still speaking to him about the tables and such when CRL stopped me in the middle of a very tight walkway at table 31 and the bar. Since the families' line was right in front of us in the restroom's tiny 'hallway' and we were boxed in by the booths and bar, I couldn't simply walk around her.

She demanded to know if "these people" were dining here. I, of course, was taken aback, because what business is it of hers? So I tell her they are. She then goes on this long rant about how "they were saying they were hot." I told her "Yes, ma'am. It is hot outside. They're going to the restroom to refresh themselves and then they are going to go sit down." But this bitch just wouldn't let it go. She kept asking about them coming in off of the street and ranting about how her food was on the table getting cold, because she couldn't get into the restroom.

Of course, I'm thinking, "If your food is on the table, why aren't you there eating it???"

Naturally, I didn't say any of this. I just kept smiling like a maniac and answering her questions evenly and kept following it up with "just like you are" to every response. All the while, the children of the group are watching this exchange. I know, because I kept looking over into their faces as I answered these rude questions.

She was still fuming, but eventually steps out of my way. She makes as though she's going to go sit down and I walk the father to their area. I, of course, apologized for CRL and invited him to sit. He told me that he didn't hear her and asked what she said. (I'm not sure if this is true or not, because she was loud.) I just smiled some more like an idiot and said, "Nothing." and told him to have a good time.

I hurried back up to the front to tell the other hosts what happened, because this could quickly go bad. Turns out, it already had. I was greeted with further tales of CRL. Apparently, after I walked away, she turned on the children (all of which had to be younger than 11 or 12) and started in on them. The wife, who went with the children and kept their restroom break organized, came up to the front hurt and upset and was said to be near tears.

She said that CRL started asking the minors if they'd come in off the street and basically asking what business they had to be there. I let a manager know right away, but our managers tend not to give a damn. Even so, he went by the table I pointed out and he noted that they didn't have any food on their table whatsoever. He also told me that it was 'just one guest' and that I should basically let it go.

Well, that one guest verbally attacked me, minor children, and pissed off the entire restaurant. The woman from table 31 came up to me after she and her husband were done eating and told me that I had handled CRL very well. She said that I was professional and that she wanted to follow her (CRL) into the restroom to give her a piece of her mind.

Do note that table 31 was also Caucasian and she was pissed to high hell. She really let it out about how you don't treat people like that and the only reason she didn't go corner this chick in the restroom was because her husband told her that she needed to "shut her mouth." But let me tell you, CRL wouldn't have lasted two seconds in the restroom with 31 if her husband hadn't kept her seated.

I told her that I've never had this happen to me in the 5+ years I've worked there and that I'm Black, so what gives? 31 pointed out that I'm not Hispanic with 10+ kids, so I had to concede the point to her. She eventually left, but she kept looking past me toward CRL's table like she was still ready to fight.

If that wasn't enough, the tales of CRL spread through the staff, who all became incensed at the idea of this crazy woman verbally attacking people over their race and their right to dine there. She really should be glad that we were busy and the story hadn't spread quicker, because that is the only thing that saved her food and drinks from being tampered with. Our staff normally doesn't do this sort of thing, but a few of them appeared to have been tempted to do so.


The large, Hispanic group goes through their meal with no problems. CRL, however, ends up throwing quite the bitchfit at the end of her meal. Her credit card ended up being rejected and she took it personally. The server kept trying and went back and forth between CRL and her hubby to get their meal taken care of. She kept demanding to know if it was her card or everyone's card that was being rejected. Management fail came in the form of our GM not wanting to go do his face time, but things ended up working out and the card went through.

The kicker, the Hispanic wife also told the hosts at the front door something along the lines of, "I don't mean to brag, but my husband's a doctor. So we don't just have to go use the restroom anywhere."

Large Group: 1 Million

CRL: Negative Infinity

To thank you for your patience in reading this, here is a picture of a baby badger. :)

I have a witnessed suck from a couple of days ago, but lemme save that one for tomorrow?

Crossposted: to both comms, because I didn't get around to doing it with my last post. Go back and do it? Meh?

ETA: Finally getting around to typing this up got me talking with my co-worker last night about this mess, and she reminded me of a few other choice words this woman had. To be honest, I can't believe that I forgot it, but it's been a bit since it happened and she had a whole lot going on.

But my co-worker, B, reminded me about her demanding to know if we had "another restroom." And she even told me, which I hadn't known before, that she had been pestering her server (who is awesome and mostly unflappable, but was reduced to swearing after minutes of this woman's time) about "another restroom." She actually said the words (more of less), "I don't want to use the same restroom as them.

What the fuck? Imma just block the rest out, too, I think.


I've noticed racism can be very specific. I've seen people who have no problems at all with blacks, hispanics or Asians go apeshit on middle easterners.
I'm a flavor of hispanic that easily passes for any number of other ethnicities, and I've been mistaken for just about all of them.
Once I got a nasty racial slur aimed at native Americans thrown at me by a guy who was only recently chatting up an obviously Mexican gal.
It's not even about what you are, it's about what they think you are, and what they think that means. No reality involved that I can see.

There's no logic behind any of it.
I agree that racism can be very specific. I, and all of my relatives, are Caucasian. My grandmother is fine around my boyfriend, who is Hispanic. That being said, I know for a fact (because she has told me so to my face) that if I was dating someone who was Black, my grandmother would Not Approve. She has also said that black people "scare her".

Back in college, I dated a Jewish guy during my junior year. At one point, my mother looked me in the eye and said that I "shouldn't give up on Jesus", and that basically, she wouldn't approve if I converted to Judaism and/or married my then-boyfriend.

I've long since stopped thinking that it would be a good idea to introduce my friends and acquaintances to my immediate family.
Wow! You don't have to convert, but I see where your mom was coming from. I don't agree with her, but i know that traditionally people do convert. And there's anything "good Christian" fear most, is people straying from Jesus. *sigh* People need to let people be.

And I get the not bringing certain types home. Our family once would have talked major crap if you brought a White person home. But then, they lived through Jim Crows and the KKK and the Civil Rights Movement. Although I understood, I also was of the mind that not everything is all racism these days. So, I've pretty much worn my mom down.

But my fellow Black people will still shake their heads at me if they see me with a Hispanic guy. :-/
You're right. I would expect people to have some sense about it. But then, racism is based on a lack of good sense, so whatever, right?

If you want completely senseless, I can top you. Once, I was called a "honky" by an angry Caucasian person that I directed to the bar. I'm Black! That doesn't even make sense. >.>
The funny thing is that "race" is a cultural concept, not a biological one. We're all the same species with the same basic DNA no matter where we come from. If we couldn't interbreed, then it would be a different story, but since by this point in history mixed race is all anybody is anymore, it's nothing but divisive propaganda.
According to a book on the history of the working classes I recently read, the black/white racism we see in this country was almost completely an invention of the landowning classes, and it was fostered in order to keep the Irish immigrants, who were essentially also slaves, and Africans from joining forces and overthrowing the upper classes.

Before that, Irish and Africans were great pals, intermarried, and were more or less the same, socially speaking. Considered the same "race", and against the "white" class of landowners.

It's all about power and who has it and how they keep it. I wish more people would see racism and classism (which it sounds like your crazy lady was also about with her "people off the street" nonsense) for what they are, bullshit meant to keep those in power right where they are and the rest of the world too busy bickering amongst themselves to do anything about it. Just look at any ism anywhere in the world. It's power struggle.
And it traces back to survival instinct, believe it or not. Any group of animals will recognize those in their group from those outside of it, and attempt to eliminate the "other". It's an access to resources thing, and it helped us to survive way back when. It's just totally counter productive in a modern setting.
The sad part is that we're all capable, both individually and as a group, of recognizing the uselessness of that programing and working ourselves out of it, we just...don't.

Bah, sorry for the rant. Anthropology major. I get all tangent-y on things like this.
And, yeah, honkey? At least I look native American-ish. I guess you could argue that I might be in some part. Whatever part the Spaniards didn't genocide into oblivion that is.
mind boggling how obnoxious that woman was. but you just made being on both comms worth it. double baby badger! <3
That's what I was afraid of with crossposting. People having to see this mess twice.


Badgers for days! ;D
Complete manager fail. Complete. Though I'm not impressed with courageous lady's husband either if those were the exact words he used!

Weird how racism can be so specific. And not even exactly racism - I got treated like shit in a town I moved to because I was of italian/greek descent and the rest (99.99 percent) of the town was polish/french. But a german exchange student was totally A-OK.

Edited at 2012-04-05 04:03 pm (UTC)
Racism among white people about other white people is really funny in a bizarre way. It's all based on these ancient animosities and prejudices that I doubt people really understand anymore. They just know they don't like Italians, or the Irish, or Poles, or whatever. It's like I read in history books that back "in the day", other white ethncities were looked down upon by people of Protestant Anglo-Saxon descent as being inferior and not truly white...even though by today's standards, they are.
They're white, I mean, not inferior. XD;; (As someone who is of Welsh, German, Polish, and Scotch-Irish descent.)
My ancestry is heavily Welsh prior to their emigration to America in ye olden days. What's interesting, to me, is that my father, while doing genealogy research, came upon early census records wherein Welsh people were listed last. This is significant because these listings were arranged, at least in part, by social rank/importance. The list had a number of races/ethnicities, then 'nigger', then Welsh.

ETA: Use of the 'n' word is in quotation of the records in question, not reflective of my personal language usage/opinions.

Edited at 2012-04-06 12:43 am (UTC)
Maybe some people are looking to go back to invading rival clans? They could make good realty television if they did. :p
And that was from two different managers. The first one even said that he'd have to kick out 31 if she got into with CRL. He said he agreed with her and understood, but them the rules, basically.

And yes, she was quoting her husband directly. I was absolutely stunned about that as well. Where are your balls?

To be honest, I will never understand the racism within races. People are just overboard about "purity." I say let it mix and make cute babies.
"I say let it mix and make cute babies"

"Mix and make cute babies"

Oh my god this. My friend is hispanic and her fiance is white and they have the the most adorable son, he's the most beautiful one year old I've ever seen.

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