September 15th, 2019


One from the archives

I've been slogging around in some old email archives, and found this email I sent to a customer twelve years ago. This customer wanted to buy one pair of not-very-expensive item. Italic text is customer, plain text is me:

Wondering if there's any discount I can get? Something like:
1. Wholesale or commercial discount
2. Volume discount

1. Volume discounts apply at volume quantities.
2. Wholesale discounts apply at wholesale quantities.
3. Commercial discounts apply at commercial quantities to customers with a valid state-issued business number on file.

3. Good guy discount - and yes, I do qualify ;-)

I take you at your word that you're eligible for the Good Guy discount. Me, I'm eligible for the takes-the-time-to-work-individually-with-each-potential-customer-to-
one-size-fits-all surcharge,
and the discount and the surcharge cancel each other out.