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Oct. 15th, 2015


Caught in the Middle of Suckage

I wear glasses. Recently, I had to get an eye exam. Being an older person, for the first time I required bifocal lenses to help me read up close things. When I went to the glasses store to have my new prescription filled, I was told it would be about 10 days to get it. Well, ten days come and go, and nothing. I call the store, all I get is an automatic message. So I go down there and ask what happened. The store's clerk tells me that one of the lab technicians had his daughter get sick and that they've had trouble meeting deadlines and they were still trying to call people to let them know this. I was then told it should be ready in three days. I was fine with that; however, a woman standing nearby wasn't. "Are you really gonna let them walk all over you like that!?" She asked. She then started griping at the worker at the counter for not having my special prescription filled in time. I tried in vain to stop her, but she just ended up making an idiot out of herself. I then rolled my eyes at her and told her to give the store a break and walked off with her still nagging at the clerk.

What does it matter to you if my prescription isn't filled in a timely manner? They had a good reason why they didn't do this. You did not have any reason to butt in and go all fanbrat about everything.

Jul. 19th, 2015


Just a few explanations, and some WTF's

Dearest customers,
Yes, we now have 'local vet' to do our vetting and help get our animals ready for adoption. Quite a few of those kittens ARE ready because we FINALLY got their rabies shots. There are some changes.
'Local vet' prefers to do the spay/neuter at three months, not two months. This way, they get fixed AND the rabies shot all at once. So, no more two month old kittens will be ready for adoption. Yes, I know, this is horrid, so many WANT those adorable little fluffheads. As it is, you'll just have to wait. That being said, 'local vet' may only do spay/neuter/rabies once a week, if that....doesn't mean we'll have sudden masses of animals ready. Along with the fact, we will want to make sure rescue waggin dogs are ready....so cats do take a back seat.
One great thing, you can go to 'local vet' for your new family member. They will have records on it, will KNOW it well enough, and will have an idea of anything that might be wrong. (if anything) We will also be doing a foster to adopt program where you can foster the baby you want (usually puppies) then take to 'local vet' so they can do the vetting. (we are also doing a 'we take animal to 'local vet' and you pick up from them...but that is another deal)
This all being said, yes, as a matter of fact, we are STILL full. 'Local Vet' came in to give rabies shots. (and took one kitten back to office for a problem that has just arisen) Just because I now have a lobby full of adoptable kittens and cats, doesn't mean I have any more cages. You see, in order for us to have cages available, we have to have animals adopted out. Those dogs, cats, kittens and pups who got their rabies shots, well, they are still here, occupying those cages and kennels. (and while I do have empty cages in the back, I also, by law, must have some cages available in case Animal Control brings in any cats or kittens) Frankly, as soon as those in my 'ready for fixing' room are fixed, they'll have to wait for cages up front in the lobby. (we will allow people back in that room to look at them, doesn't mean they can't be adopted from that room as well) Still for every adoption, we seem to get two more new cats or kittens.

Parents, please to be watching your children. While most of my cats and kittens don't mind having fingers poking at them, a couple of them do. I consider it a learning experience to have Charles swat at someone who has ignored his hissings and keeps poking at him. Oddly, some parents seem to get all pissed off and upset that their darling angel got scratched by mean and evil kitty. (who has signs all over his cage to NOT poke at him) (for Charles, his cage does have places where he can go hide if he gets stressed out, we haven't had any incidents since putting him in that cage)

Again...the next asswipe who screams at any of us that he/she will be 'dumping the damned animal' I'm going out to get your license place number. I'll also see about getting a description of the animal, if it hasn't been brought in. Animal Control will then get that information. If nothing else, maybe our lovely animal control lady can explain to you that dumping an animal like that is just wrong. (she IS a cop, after all...)

Jun. 2nd, 2015



Really? REALLY???

I've been working part-time as a cashier at my local large-chain grocery store since January to earn some extra money (saving up for a big vacation next year). And there are several general sucks I've noticed.

Grocery Store SucksCollapse )

I am thankful I am only part-time and I know this gig is only temporary. Otherwise, I think I'd go crazy...or at least be more belligerent with the customers, which probably wouldn't be great for my prospects of keeping this job. :-)

Mar. 13th, 2015


Well....we tried

Ok, so at the Humane Society, I've got a cat. (ok, ok, as of leaving, I had 23) Anyway, this cat, he's big, he's not afraid of showing that he's not happy about stuff. Mostly like kids. He was adopted, brought back (always bad, cause that messes them up) then adopted again, and brought back (this time for biting a kid...not hard enough, but Mommy got all upset cause her lil precious baby MIGHT get hurt...yeah, keep pulling a cats tail, you WILL) So...I've gotten him calmed down, about as friendly as I can get him. Showing him lots of love and cuddles. Guy comes in, with four year old, sucking on a pacifier. (the kid, not the guy)
He's looking for a cat. Well, we don't have a HUGE selection, but here is what we have. Two pretty friendly kittens, one very sweet, but long haired cat, one pretty bobtail, and a super sweet friendly orange tabby...and other BIG cat. This guy decides big cat is JUST what he needs....then hits me with he's got two other cats. This cat does NOT like other animals. He's got the four year old...the sign on the cage says 'no children under ten' I tell him cat's history...cat WILL bite or scratch children.
He still wants cat...and asks if we give vouchers for declawing. After I explain that we do not, and do not advocate such...also go back to explaining (and showing) that cat does NOT like other cats, especially kittens...and he can be fairly mean.
Guy leaves, after saying he'll think about it, but probably will be back to adopt cat.
I dread to think of what will happen.

Mar. 1st, 2015



(no subject)

Had an oh so charming encounter with a special snowflake yesterday. Read more...Collapse )

Feb. 14th, 2015


(no subject)

This is one of those 'should I laugh until I cry, go pound someone into the ground or both' situations.
Our little Humane Society is being sued.

The story behind this...one of my co workers sisters decided she was above and beyond the rules, so went INTO kennels. (a huge no no and HELL no) In doing so, she went into kennels that are not even where she was supposed to BE, like back in ISOLATION where sick puppies were. Like that one group with parvo. After (which really ticked everyone off) she went into kennels with more puppies, which, of course, spread the parvo killed at least 15 puppies, and now she wants to adopt the one remaining puppy.

We are not letting her, since she killed all those puppies. (we do have proof that she went into the 'staff only' area, and into the kennel itself...our kennel workers save those until last, then the guys working in the ISO's go home...so as not to contaminate the rest of the shelter)

So...we get a letter from a lawyer that she is sueing us to get the puppy.

Bad enough the whole family is a pile of nutcases, we are trying to make her brother quit (we believe he's behind the theft of shelter keys, but cannot prove it...or he'd be out on his ass) He won't be working up front anymore, that is the one thing the two ladies at the desk are adamant about.

Jan. 22nd, 2015


Shelter hours.....once again

Dearest people. We have our hours listed on our door, on our webpage, our facebook page and will happily tell you the hours we are open when you call. Why then, do you INSIST that we are open 'because there are people in the building'

We have a few new rules. Ok, actually OLD rules that are being stringently enforced. USE HAND SANITIZER BETWEEN ANIMALS. No, we are NOT saying you are a bunch of disease ridden filthy bums, we are saying that if you touch the kitten with the sniffles, then touch the cats around her, THEY will probably get sniffles as well.
DO NOT GO INTO DOG KENNELS. Yes, I know, puppies and kittens, OMG MUST GO INTO KITTEN ROOM OR PUPPY KENNEL AND PLAY WITH BABIES. No longer, sorry. Stay the hell OUT of the dog kennels. You don't know if that dog is shy, friendly, or the kind who doesn't like certain people. We had one dog, loved everyone....except brunettes. For some reason, this dog attacked people with dark brown hair. Yet, even WITH that warning, people, with dark brown hair wanted to go into his kennel.
Ok, the kitten room. People....think for a moment. We are a HUMANE SOCIETY. We are in the business of ADOPTING OUT HEALTHY PETS. If you've been playing with the animals up front, then go into the kitten room, you're taking germs in there. So...unless you are a serious adopter, forget it. Watch from the outside. Oh..and stay OUT of ISOLATION. Or else.

There is no reason to go into a door marked STAFF ONLY. Even if you see our Vet taking a dog or cat in there...stay out. That is her surgery.

Nov. 25th, 2014


HA! Finally!

I recently started a new job. Carpet and fine area rugs. Decent gig, commission, etc. Anyway, at one of my previous jobs, I worked at a video store. A certain customer came in and had about $40 in late/ rewind fees. I made her aware of this when she asked , and then went back about my other duties. Said customer almost immediately went to another clerk and told him I had agreed to waive all the fees. Clerk did so without consulting me, thus allowing her to skate.

So...cue 2014:

A woman comes in on Friday, buys a $500 Persian 8 x 11. She and her Locally Prominent Dentist husband come in bright and early Saturday morning to return the rug. They had taken it home, laid it down, had A Function, and returned it DIRTY. When confronted with the restock fee, he tried to throw his weight around and say that he had never been apprised of said fee. Unfortunately for him, we had her signature on the sales invoice, including her initial on the clause apprising her of the fee. We have customers initial AND sign the restock fee clause to prevent chicanery such as this. So, after almost 20 years, I get to see a bad customer get their comeuppance. These people are millionaires, and he has such a practice that his name is almost instantly known in the community, and yet they roll around doing people out of money. I guess they just finally tried to cheat a guy who could literally buy them 500 or 600 times over...

Aug. 31st, 2014


Sick animals go to the VET, not to a humane society

This goes out to the two people who dumped animals on us. In this case, two cats.
One is a lovely grey and white, declawed neutered male. FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. Seems the cat was using this mans briefcase to pee in. So...instead of putting up the briefcase, or trying to find out if cat was ill, he dumped him. Our vet checked him over, gave him some antibiotics, and he's just fine now. Oh, hisses a bit, now and then and isn't happy about being in a cage (would YOU be?) I should be able to get handsome boy out. Just hope we can get him adopted. Elderly cats are a challenge to get adopted. Our one adopter who does get elderlies is full. (and has at least two who are in their 20's)

Second person comes in after we closed. I was not there, but I got chapter and verse on this 'lady' Seems she found a kitten. Said kitten was injured, and the ladies at the desk were trying to get her to take the poor baby to a vet. Nope...nothing doing, wasn't her kitten, she 'found' it, wasn't going to spend money on it (forget about a donation for upkeep) didn't care we didn't have a vet at the time (our vet is part time, teaches school other days) Lady was also telling them she would 'dump it on the floor and walk out, and if we let it die, she would tell everyone how bad we are' Ended up with one of the desk ladies grabbing the kitten, putting it into a carrier for the night with soft blankets, food and water. Kitten was still alive, so it is now in a cage, with soft food, water, litter box and blanket. No name yet, as far as I know, since we didn't want to check for sex. Which, if kitten is still alive, I shall do, then check over to see just what injuries it does have. Honestly? the poor baby looked like a dog had attacked it.
I have my theories on this, but...as I said, I only heard about what happened.

Finally....people who wish to adopt....we do our damndest to make sure any animal up for adoption is healthy. All shots are up to date and the animal is fixed. (by MO law, any animal for adoption MUST be fixed) If we tell you 'that cat/kitten/dog/puppy is sick, on meds and we cannot adopt out until we are sure it is healthy, please don't scream or cry or pinch your kids so THEY cry. If you have other animals, they don't need to be exposed to disease. You also don't need to vaccinate the animal as soon as they get home...look, here is the meds list. This is everything we've given that animal since it came to us. Every dose of strongid, frontline, any time we gave out mass dosage of drontal or convenia. Every vaccination. Oh...and just because you see a vaccine down at the home and farm store that says 'five way protection' doesn't mean it is for cats. In fact, that WILL kill them, as will many other dog type meds that you get over the counter.

Sighs...extreme hot weather, which ramps up deadly viral disease, parvo in puppies and just being a very tired new grandma....which reminds me
People...I put up that birth announcement of my just born granddaughter because I wanted to, and because I like to post things on the backs of those two cages. I'm sorry you don't approve of her name, or the fact I put she was, in fact, born by c-section. First, her parents chose that name, considering my daughter was considering Vulcan names....I'll take Harlee anyday. Oh, and the picture of my daughter and baby? She isn't exposing anything, she had just finished feeding the baby, so yes, her hospital gown wasn't drawn up tight around her neck. Deal with it. Really...people DO complain over the silliest things.

And....an update on those two cats. The elderly one was diagnosed by OUR Vet as having extreme UTI, so had to be put to sleep....Rest In Peace my sweet Toby...I hope to see you beyond the Rainbow Bridge in the Summerland.
As to the kitten, now named Caryo, she is well, nowhere NEAR as bad as we had thought, very pretty and very active. She'll be fixed, and with her looks, adopted soon.

Aug. 30th, 2014


Copy Center suckage

Okay, after a long absence here, I have returned to relay a tale of suckage from a customer. I'm in an Office Depot to make a bunch of photocopies. There are only two copiers in the place, right next to each other. One is color, the other is black and white. Sucky customer is using the black and white, and I need color copies. I go up to the color machine and start to use it. Sucky customer then stops me, accusing me of being overly insensitive to him. "You weren't using this copier, I don't see -" I started. Sucky customer cuts me off and goes on a long, loud rant about how uncaring I was. He then tells me "The world does not revolve around you, young man!" I respond to him: "First, I'm over 40, and second, I know the world doesn't revolve around me. It doesn't revolve around you either." At this point a store clerk comes up to us and asks if there is a problem. Sucky says "YOU SHOULD THROW THIS GUY OUT BECAUSE HE'S BEING RUDE!!!" I then tried to explain what had happened to the clerk. Naturally, sucky kept interrupting me about how rude I've been. The clerk asked both of us to calm down. Sucky, of course, would not calm down. He then gathered his stuff up and shouted: "YOU TWO ARE FREAKIN' IDIOTS!!! I'M GOING SOMEWHERE WHERE PEOPLE AREN'T SO FREAKIN' RUDE ALL THE TIME!!!!"
I fail to see how using a copy machine that nobody else was using at the time was rude.

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